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If you think you or someone you love could hear better but you’re not sure how to take that first step toward better hearing, Acoustic Hearing Centre can help. We offer the hearing tests and hearing aids local residents need for good communication.


We will start by offering you a free hearing assessment to determine what your exact needs are and then we can prescribe the appropriate hearing aids for your unique needs. We prescribe hearing aids of all makes and models! You can always trust our registered audiologists for the most accurate test results and you will get a 90-day trial period with your new hearing aids.

No Referral Needed

Acoustic Hearing Centre wants to protect your ears and hearing by offering custom ear protection for loud work environments, musicians and for swimming. You never need a referral to come see us at Acoustic Hearing Centre, where we offer no-interest payment plans and work closely with insurers. Call us today to talk about our hearing aids and services. 



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Discreet Hearing Aids | Today’s digital hearing aids are smaller but perform better | Read More

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525 Colborne St, Brantford, ON

N3S 3P3


Fax 519-770-3550


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