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Get Help for the Hearing Loss We All Worry About

To understand hearing loss, first you have to know how the ear works. When you hear a sound, your eardrum vibrates the tiny bones of the middle ear known as the malleus, incus and stapes. Those tiny bones then pass the vibrations on to tiny hair cells in the inner ear. The hair cells generate an electrical signal that passes into your brain, which recognizes the signal as sound. All this happens without you even thinking of it!

If you have been diagnosed with a hearing loss by one of Acoustic Hearing Centre’s professional audiologists, we can help you hear again – and therefore interact with those around you more effectively.

Hearing Loss

Most hearing loss among adults occurs due to damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve, usually caused by excessive noise over the years or simply aging. Some medications and illnesses can also cause hearing loss. Adults also experience hearing loss due to perforated eardrums, impacted wax, infection, stiffening of the middle ear bones and other hereditary issues.

Problems Caused by Hearing Loss

No person with perfect hearing can adequately understand the isolation felt by someone with a hearing loss in a noisy environment trying to follow a conversation. It is impossible to interact with those around you without constantly asking what was said. Others in the quick-flowing conversation feel annoyed at the constant interruptions. It is often easier to sit there quietly, smiling vaguely, not understanding and feeling left out.

A Dangerous Condition

It is more than just an inconvenience. Studies have shown that prolonged hearing loss can actually lead to dementia as certain parts of the brain are not stimulated. Other serious consequences may arise from not hearing emergency warnings or physician’s instructions on how to take medications. Those who suffer from hearing loss and left untreated report feeling upset and/or depressed and are at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

If you or a loved one would benefit from increased participation in social functions, family gatherings and other activities, schedule a hearing test at Acoustic Hearing Centre today.

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